Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"you've got a thin candy shell..."

Fun things from Katie on medication:

1. Last night I beat her at scarabbles.
2. She drools on herself now when she falls asleep.
(inside joke, you can probably figure it out)
3. While she's out cold I can play games as long as I want.
4. There's more wine for me.
5. Chet loves to snuggle with her.
('s a secret)
6. (and this is the best one to date.)
While at the grociery store the other night our total was $5.42. I had a five and Katie said, "I've got some change!" So she grabbed her coin purse from 1st grade and took out two quarters, "50!". Then she took out two nickles, "40!". Then two pennies, "two!"...and then I pee'd.

1 comment:

  1. Thats awesome! The last one is the best one, I think i would have peed' a little myself. I wish i could of said i was on medication myself when i hurled myself on my head jumping over that wall at the gym.