Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet the Players

"Boss Man"

This guy is a stud and there is no match for his whit or physical stature. He would sooner spit Beech-Nut in your eye and watch you squirm than let you breathe his air. He's also the creator of this blog and can't spell very well.

"Bad Ass"

Scratch the eyes right out of your head...right out!! This girl is a turn and walk the other way hazard to your health. Boss Man's main squeeze and only squeeze cause he's afraid.


She gets her way by using her sluttiness. Don't let the looks the devil gave her fool you, she's a terror and will chew you up and spit you out! Just like the last four beds we bought for her.


Don't let the name fool you. This guy is 30 pounds of gas and attitude. Get in his way and he'll lick the skin right off your ankle. He gets his name cause at night he longs to snuggle under a blanket in your lap and when he doesn't get to he whines.

"Strait Jacket"

PSYCHO!! We admitted her into a psych-ward for dogs but she escaped by scratching a whole through the walls. Much like the back door and the door to our laundry room. This is the only picture of Strait Jacket because she can't sit still long enough to take more.

These are the players that make up our part of the Jeter Family. The other parts are an entire other post or more. Check back for more stories and pictures later.

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  1. You certainly have upgraded your roomates over the last few years!